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Mitsubishi Motors UK
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Shogun Sport Technology

The Advanced large SUV

The Shogun Sport is packed with the most advanced on and off road technological features. It has been designed from the ground up to take you anywhere and everywhere you want to go.

8-speed automatic transmission

A smoother & quieter ride

The Shogun Sports 2.4L turbo diesel engine has been paired with a all new 8 speed automatic gearbox, providing the Shogun Sport with the optimum balance between power, fuel economy and interior quietness. This all new transmission also delivers great fuel efficiency, smooth acceleration and low RPM whilst travelling at high speeds.

Off-road Mode

Conquer any terrain

The Off Road Mode optimises off-road performance by controlling the engine, automatic transmission and brakes depending on road conditions. When travelling in a 4WD mode with the centre differential locked (4HLC or 4LLC), press the Off Road Mode selector until the appropriate mode appears in the multi-information display.

Gravel track


Unpaved roads with small stones, dirt and compacted snow.

Achieves just the right amount of wheel slippage to balance acceleration and vehicle stability over unpaved surfaces covered with small stones and dirt.

Snow covered track


Roads made slippery by mud or deep snow.

Control tyre slippage to provide optimum vehicle stability and prevent the vehicle from becoming stuck. After the vehicle starts moving, some slippage is allowed to eliminate the feeling of losing speed. When the vehicle is about to become stuck the engine adjusts to prevent it.

Sand covered track


Roads covered with small-grained sand.

Controls wheel slippage when accelerating from a standstill to prevent the vehicle from becoming stuck. After the vehicle starts moving it permits some slippage and eliminates the feeling of losing speed. The automatic transmission uses lower gears to maintain driving force.

Rocky mountain side

Rock (only in 4llc mode)

Wilderness areas with large rocks

reduces loss of traction by preventing wheel slippage. The automatic transmission uses lower gears to maintain driving force.

Complete control at your fingertips

Everything you need to manage your journey is right where you want it with the Shogun Sport.

Shogun Sport Multi Info Display

Multi Info Display

Located neatly between the speedometer and rev counter, the multi info display gives you full journey information at a glance.

Fuel economy, estimated miles remaining, outside temperature and more.

Shogun Sport Cruise Control

Cruise Control

Steering wheel mounted cruise controls to make motorway driving a breeze. You simply switch it on and set your speed and the Shogun Sport will maintain that speed until you press the brake.

Shogun Sport Steering Wheel Audio Controls

Audio Controls

Adjust volume, change tracks and switch between radio, USB and Bluetooth audio sources are the touch of a button.

Shogun Sport Steering Wheel Bluetooth Controls

Hands Free Bluetooth

Connect your smartphone via Bluetooth and make phone calls on the go safely.

Music and podcasts from your phone can also be played.

Shogun Sport Hill Descent Controls

Hill Descent Control

When the vehicle is travelling off-road down a steep gradient of more than 5% and 1 to 12 MPH, this system maintains constant vehicle speed by controlling the brakes. The driver can concentrate on steering and not worry about the brake pedal control.

Shogun Sport Keyless Operation

Keyless Operation

Your keys can stay safely in your pocket or your bag. Unlock and start the Shogun Sport just by having the keys on you.

Dual zone climate control

Front and rear air conditioning

The Shogun Sport range features automatic dual zone climate control for the driver and front passenger, and rear air vents with cooler, adding to your driving comfort.

Smartphone Link Display Audio

You and your car connected

The Shogun Sports in-car entertainment system uses Apple CarPlay and Android Auto to allow your smartphone to integrate seemlessly with your car. Learn how this is done by clicking the links below.

Explore Apple CarplayExplore Android Auto

Apple CarPlay and iPod are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. Overall device compatibility as well as individual feature operation and functionality is contingent upon the device software version. Android Auto is a trademark of Google Inc.

360 Degree Reversing Camera

360 reversing camera

Standard on Shogun Sport 4

The 360º Camera helps make tricky manoeuvres and tight parking spaces so much easier. Activated automatically when the car enters reverse, it provides a birds-eye view of the area surrounding the vehicle.

Adaptive Cruise Control

Adaptive cruise control

Standard on Shogun Sport 4

Adaptive cruise control monitors the road and adjusts the car's speed accordingly, maintaining the driver’s chosen distance from the vehicle in front.

Blind Spot Warning

Blind sport warning (BSW)

Standard on Shogun Sport 4

By detecting vehicles in your blind spot and alerting you in your mirrors this system helps to enhance safety and reduce accidents.

Engineered for Safety

Decades mastering off-road adventure with the Shogun, and high-speed rally prowess with the Lancer Evolution, have taught us a thing or two about safety.

All that learning goes into our Shogun Sport.


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Shogun Sport driving

Find your adventure

Tackle any terrain in any condition with the Shogun Sport. Discover just how capable the Shogun Sport really is.

SUV Capability
Shogun Sport Front Grille

Styled to excite

With a expressive new look,the Shogun Sport utilises Mitsubishi’s new design ethos “form follows function”.

Shogun Sport Parked

Built to protect

Cope with slippery road, emergency stops, tricky hill starts and more. With 7 airbags you’re in good hands with Shogun Sport.

Shogun Sport parked at sunset

Test drive the Shogun Sport

Get behind the wheel and experience the power and space of the Shogun Sport.

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